Film industry seems to have developed stronger in specific cities/regions around the world.
Can these successful experiences be multiplied or replicated in other cities/regions?

We have found that*:
1) Film industry creates self-reinforcing clusters around the world.
This concentration can be explained with the following supportive elements for film industry clustering:
a) The presence of agglomeration economies.
b) Geographical/environmental reasons.
c) TV production capabilities.
d) Efforts of Public Policy.
e) The presence of “big” media players.

2) History matters, but policy can make a difference as well.
It seems that film industry has a long term maturity process and has either followed a natural – evolutionary “path dependent” –  or a guided – accelerated “policy induced” – way of development.

3) Economic impact seems in general to be positive but this is highly contested and controversial.
In general, can be argued that economic impact on cities/regions produced by the film industry seems to be positive but marginal, can be measured with hard and soft KPIs and its cluster-size dependent. Therefore, cities where mature clusters exist can really have a worldwide competitive advantage.

4) Film industry has a worldwide common production system.
Highly specialized, flexible, uncertain, networking dependent are some of the shared global characteristics we found. Of course, these dynamics favor also film industry clustering.

If you are a decision-maker at national, regional or local government interested contact us immediately. We will be happy to collaborate with you in deciding to what extent is the attraction of film industry a suitable clustering strategy for enhacing your „place“ long term economic development.


* Medel and Gossel (2014) Film Industry Attraction: a Clustering Strategy for Regional Development?; Proceedings of the 11th World Media Economics & Management Conference | Rio de Janeiro 12 – 16 May 2014

Abelardo Medel

Abelardo Medel

As a Mexican migrant himself, Abelardo enjoys moving around the world for its own sake. His research and teaching includes entrepreneurship, international migration, international business, media management and regional development topics. His doctoral research focuses on Latin American Entrepreneurs in Germany. He has lived/studied in Mexico, USA, Canada, and Germany and has visited Japan, China, Brazil and Estonia due to academic achievements. He has professional experience on research, education, finance, insurance, consulting and manufacturing sectors where have always added a spicy taste!
Abelardo Medel

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