Online research methods (e-research) are quite useful nowadays. This kind of research, offer several advantages as mentioned by Bryman(2012). Among others, it’s very convenient in terms of costs, reach, time and varieties of approach. However, it also poses some challenges still in some topics such as (possible bias) in the socio-demographic characteristics of research participants, willingness of (potential) participants, confidentiality, veracity of information and ethical issues.

Anyhow, e-research may really offer tremendous potential for advanced international comparative research as proved by some recent research projects developed at our department in this 2014. I will comment quickly on two I took part.

First, e-research methods enabled us some months ago to compare Germany and Spain regarding Entrepreneurship Education in Media Management and Media Economics (or any other related definition to these two subjects) university programs. We were able to research about it and present our results (Gossel and Medel, 2014) at the pre-conference day of the last annual EMMA Conference 2014 held in Tallinn as invited key note speakers.

Second, I am currently leading a research seminar for master students at TU Ilmenau. Within the seminar, I carried out an investigation to analyze and evaluate to what extent are foreign embassies and IHKs in Germany promoting migrant entrepreneurship through its online communication channels. I have been able to collect data on over 14 different countries and on all 16 federal states of Germany. I have already presented and discussed preliminary results about it at the 2nd ZenTra Workshop on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship held in November at the University of Bremen and also on the workshop on Online Research Methods held on 05.12.2014 at the University of Erfurt. So, as one event focused more on content and the other more in methodology and as long as in both events feedback has been quite positive, I am at least satisfied with the work-in-progress process about it.

Definitely, 2015 must be the time to share more broadly these e-research results on migrant entrepreneurship promotion through online communication channels in Germany. Keep on reading our blog so you can get to know which the more suitable venues for this will be.

Bryman, Alan (2012) Social Research Methods; Ch. 28., 4th ed., Oxford University Press

Abelardo Medel

Abelardo Medel

As a Mexican migrant himself, Abelardo enjoys moving around the world for its own sake. His research and teaching includes entrepreneurship, international migration, international business, media management and regional development topics. His doctoral research focuses on Latin American Entrepreneurs in Germany. He has lived/studied in Mexico, USA, Canada, and Germany and has visited Japan, China, Brazil and Estonia due to academic achievements. He has professional experience on research, education, finance, insurance, consulting and manufacturing sectors where have always added a spicy taste!
Abelardo Medel

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