The biannual ISTET symposium series is devoted to research and education in theory and applications of electromagnetic fields, electrical and electronic circuits, signal processing, and design and control of electro-magnetic systems.

Topics of the Symposium

  • Electromagnetic Fields
    • Fundamental aspects of field theory
    • Low and high frequency fields
    • Numerical algorithms
    • Optimization problems
  • Circuit and System Theory
    • Linear and nonlinear circuits
    • System theory
    • Nonlinear aspects of power systems
  • Signal Processing and Identification
    • Advanced methods of signal processing
    • Mixed description of fields/circuits and signals
    • Signal processing algorithms
    • Nonlinear dynamics and signal processing
    • Classical and non-classical aspects in identification
    • Biomedical signal processing
  • Theoretical Concepts
    • Advanced mathematical concepts in networks and fields
    • Nonlinear control systems
    • Mathematical modeling aspects
    • Multivariable large-scale systems
  • Applications
    • Nondestructive testing and evaluation
    • Smart magnetic materials
    • Microelectronic circuits
    • Mobile communication aspects
    • Control systems technology
    • Electrical drives and power systems
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Sensors and actuators
  • Innovative Educational Aspects
    • New ideas in teaching fields
    • Multimedia and internet aspects in education
    • Modern information science teaching